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The old Guest Book format is just no longer relevant.  We’ve retired the application and for posterity, archived the comments to their own section.  Many, many fond memories too precious to lose.  So please use this new platform as your voice for comments, suggestions, or just to make contact with other viewers.  We hope you find this feature useful. — Vance

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  1. Ohhhhh…the compliments here are so very kind with memories abound! Retirement must not be easy for you after such an AMAZING career, VJ! Love, your cousin, Cindy.

  2. Upon Reflection: We were young when you were cooking up a storm on stage driving ‘Shop Around’ with the 5am Event at the River Heights Comunity Club. I think it was Doc Steen at the mic.
    Penner, Loeb and McCrae just loved what they did! Those motown days: utterly superb!!!
    The Fifth was a time of musical discovery for all the members.
    Those years of musical growth for yourself and Kurt proved that two seasoned vets could still grow beyond their own expectations!
    That Winters style just sprouted as did your smooth insertion of drum licks with a solid syncopation you honed even further. Melvin always felt special when he got to participate. And Rene: ah well: that’s Ron! Haha. Memories of Grabowski usually include that damn Leslie I had to struggle with. Thanks Jimmie. We always had Minot! Those tunes that were played where each player was playing a different song, and yet somehow the blend was coordinated! Man that was funny! Those were times of Adventure.
    Dianne (God bless her) and the Merry Go Round was one special band (rock orchestra) you on the Drum chair with Wallace working his wonders. Bill was so damn good it was amazing to observe his genius simplicity of style. That French Horn was his trophy of musical stature. Kurt by now had mastered his style which was unmistakably Winters ! There were no others. Dianne and her panache: what honesty in a voice! All this with your drumming directing the success of each selection. It was a band well loved by every audience it drew. A pleasure to experience for the listeners.
    My final experiences with your progressing career was :yeah…
    The Brother. Man what a world class trio. Each member worthy of a position in the band! All seasoned, all creative, all very very real accomplished talents in one band. The mix of three tight knit musicians well versed in each others abilities. I’ve seen and experienced thousands of band in my lifetime! That band was ‘the Band’. Years and years of hard playing for each member culminating in what is very probably the one Canadian Band that truly could be called World Class in all its aspects. Skill, creativity, composition and stage presence. I left just after Brother played the University of Winnipeg to a packed house. Every person in that place were mesmerized when they heard the band play their own tunes. Songs written and composed by the Group. And when the Brother played Bus Rider or Hand Me Down World the audience actually heard the true sound, style and groove of just what these songs are meant to be! The sound, phenomenal in its power, it’s subtitles and relentless drive of songs by their creators! Their sound vision was never duplicated by others! It was Brother! The band!
    This will be my final correspondence! God Bless Vance!
    The whole scene was truly a memorable adventure.
    Superb d?rumming really is a gift. You had it.

  3. Vance:

    I do hope that you get this. I would like you to email me please as I’ve been trying to catch up with you over a while. But perhaps you have heard already.

    Sylvia Kolt

  4. Hello, do you remember me? Back through the mists of time!! I met you in a club called The Sink, and then I went to all of your bookings in Liverpool, (usually with a friend called Beryl, who was friendly with Terry!) I have often wondered what happened when you returned to Canada. Are you still in contact with Glenn and Terry? If so please pass on my very best wishes to them. I used to have your record, and signed photos, but unfortunately they have got lost through various house-moves. I just can’t believe where the years have gone, I am SO pleased I found your website. I hope life has been good to you,

    • Hi Sandra … you’re right it has been a long time. I still see and hear from Glenn on Fscebook. Terry was killed many years ago in a car accident in Vancouver. He loved fast cars. Glenn lives on a farm just outside of Winnipeg. I still live in Winnipeg; I’ve been married for 43 years to Bev, who built my website. I have two kids – Vance Jr. and Krista. They are doing great. Thanks for getting in touch.

      • Hey, VJ! Bev is a ‘MASTER’ (pardon the sort of pun – LOL!) building this website! I’m enjoying reading all of this history!

  5. I can’t get any of the music to play. I really want to hear the Brother stuff. Oh how I wish there were recordings I could hear of their versions of Bus Rider and Hand Me Down World.

  6. When I worked for you and the bands 45 years ago I thought you to be the most musical drummer I had ever known! I went into Architecture And thoroughly enjoyed every second of a 30 year career! You continued your musical career to become A celebrity both to fans and musicians alike! It was a privilege to have known you for a short time in my life. You were a brilliant musician, composer, a man of quality! Hat’s off to you, “Smitty”

  7. Vance,
    Met you several times in the 80″s…first time at South East Missouri State University and then when you guys played at Six Flags St. Louis for a week. I know you have met millions of people through the years and don’t expect you to remember me or the times we spent together after the shows. You guys were so much fun. I am not sure if you even check this blog or even how old this blog is…….reason I am trying to contact you is I have a son (Johnny)….he is so sweet and plays the drums so well. I have pictures of you in our music room and have shared with my kids what a great drummer you are many times. I have been blessed with four talented kids and our house is filled with two drum kits, keyboards and many guitars etc. I am sure you have been asked many times but I would love for you to send my son signed drum sticks of yours. Johnny is a senior this year and my youngest daughter in grade school is also a very good drummer. We had to move from St. Louis to Texas right before school started. My son is so down and to receive something like this will make him so happy. I am not holding my breath but hope somehow you do see this and email me so I can give you my mailing address.
    Mary Beth

  8. Hey Vance, I met you quite a number of years ago in Montreal and a small place you were playing with The Guess Who. It was a cold, miserable night outside, but paradice inside. I met some members of my all time favorite band Ther Guess Who. You fellas gave me and my buddy a press kit. Burton was always the voice of The Guess Who, but Donnie was the best guy ever to fill his shoes. There weren’t many in the club and we had a private, up close show. Donnie even performed.”The Glace Bay Blues,” for me. I was born there. I have the 2 Guess Who albums on vinyl you guys did. I should get the cd’s. It was cool to sit down with you all, have a drink and chat. I will never forget this evening. I believe I sent you some pics years ago. My camera was a cheap one and the quality wasn’t very good. I did sign your Guest Book years ago Vance. Any chance of a return to Montreal. I did buy tat Brother cd from you quite a few years back. Kurt was great. I still weqr a Garnett t-shirt with the sleeves cut out. Cummings and Bachman pointed us out in the audience at a concert.
    Alll the best,
    David Maye..Pointe Claire,Qc

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